Why Choose US?

Over the years we have had many clients choose us for our unique restoration processes and the extent and versatility of our shop.

We boast of a safe, secure, and spacious yard and heated shop where we can restore your next project. With each of our fully insured timber framers being trained in OSHA safety training and Certified in the safe use of lull/forklift & manlift operations.

While your project is on site it is will be fully insured from arrival till it reaches its new home, which with our transportation capabilities could be anywhere worldwide. While here in our picturesque Upper valley of New Hampshire location the barn of your choosing will have access to all of our timber framer’s years of specialized knowledge of restoring old structures, such as but not limited to old homes, barns, mills and covered bridges.

We have completed projects from a variety of different barns from both the United States and Canada. Including but not limited to; True Round Barns, New World Dutch Barns, Stone Barns, Forebay Barn, Bull/Swing beam barn, Double purlin plate barn, Clear span barn, etc…

Our staff has access to several highly recommended structural engineer firms that are licensed nearly throughout the United States. With the help of the engineering firms we can modiy the frame to meet not only your projects needs but brought to match modern day code.

Antique Barn Company has also proudly been a member of the Timber Framers Guild since 1995

Here is a quick view to where your future projects are finished