Eastern Ohio Bank Barn


This Barn is considered: Common


This four bents, three bay bank barn has a 20′ center bay while the outside bays are 18′. The front two aisles are 13′ wide and rear aisle is 10′ wide. All posts are 8×8 while both the tie beams and rafter plates are 7×8.

Collar tie on gable walls are 4×8 and collar tie on bent 2 & 3 are 6 x 6. Eve walls are 15′-6″ tall. The gable wall tie beams are 12″ below the rafter plates while the tie beams in bent 2 & 3 are 4′ below the rafter plates. The rafters are sawn 2×6-two feet on center. The main barn door header is 11′-5″ off the floor.




Date: c.1895

Condition: Good

Species: oak

Height: ~26'

Dimension: 36 x 56

Floor: 1

Status: Available

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