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Our company primarily specializes in antique timber-frame barns. Barns for Sale, preservation, relocation and restoration. We have a vast inventory of antique timber-frame barns in North America available for relocation worldwide. Majority of these structures pre-date 1875. Please enjoy our listings of Antique "Frames for Sale".
The past several years have been a busy and memorable time, with many good seasons preserving old barns across the country. While we’ve lost several great artists, we’ve formed new relationships and made new friends as well. I would have to say that in all my years, I am most proud of the individuals making up my current crew. Hailing from Indiana, Ohio, New York and New England, the skilled timber framer I have working with me are always ready to tackle whatever projects lie ahead. First off, I would like to thank both old and new barn owners, business associates, skilled participants, and all others who made it possible to give old barns a second chance at life. Secondly, I am thankful for the continuing improvements I see in our crew. I feel confident in saying that we are one of the finest crews around. Along with being dedicated, hard workers, our crew is composed of a variety of specialized tradesmen with particular expertise in New World Dutch Barn preservation, traditional New England restoration, pre-Endo Asian Minkas, Round House buildings, and covered bridges to name a few. Thirdly, many thanks to timber framers Tim Rau and Scott Raffensburger who, along with myself, donated their time to relocate a barn from Evart, Michigan to Salida, Colorado. The barn now stands on the bank of the Arkansas River as part of Rivers of Recovery, a fully sponsored retreat for recovering military service members, founded by Dan Cook. For all the men and women who have served our great nation: thank you. Please enjoy our updated website and barn listings. We look forward to meeting you. Donald Polaski Barn Wright, Master Timberframer!

Summer Special

40' x 60' Ohio Barn - Hand Hewn Oak