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Our company primarily specializes in the preservation of antique barns built from 1700-1880 across the US and Canada. The majority of these barns are relocated and repurposed. We have a large inventory of antique timber-frames available. To clarify, unlike other barn companies, we DO NOT use our frames as salvage material. Our company disassembles these frames, and restores their structural integrity, whilst preforming any desired modification work before re-erection.
Traveling the country, constantly expanding our inventory, we inevitably come across barns that we consider to be "Premium" this is for a variety of reasons. A barn listed here could be the last of it's kind (type of frame), or one-of-a-kind (cut by a signature Timber-Wright). Some barns are also considered premium for their size; either being of a large dimension, or having timbers much larger than average. Occasionally we come across other old timber frame structures such as; churches, homes, mills, and other outbuildings. I would like to take the time to say that the "River Of Recovery" is in need of a 24' x 36' barn frame. This donation will be a great asset to their program. This program, as most of you already know, is designed to help our fellow men & women who serve in both Iraq & Afghanistan war to recover from PTSD. It is a wonderful fully sponsored retreat facility located on the Arkansas River in town of Salida, Colorado founded by Dan Cook. For ALL the men and women who served our great nation, Thank you and God Bless! Please enjoy our updated website and barn listings. We look forward to meeting you. Donald Polaski Barn Wright

2016 Wedding Barn

Wedding Barn

Summer Special

24' x 30' Dismantled c.1849 VT barn

Vertical sawn and hand hewn Hemlock

$42,000 plus shipping