Welcome to Antique Barn Company

Our company primarily specializes in the preservation of antique barns built from 1650-1880 across the US and Canada. The majority of these barns are relocated and repurposed giving them second chance at life. We have a large inventory of antique timber-frames available. To clarify, unlike other barn companies, we DO NOT use our frames as salvage material. Our company disassembles these frames, and restores their structural integrity, whilst preforming any desired modification work before re-erection.
While traveling the country expanding our inventory, we inevitably come across both rare and unique barns, these frames will be listed under the Rare/Unique section. These frames are special for many different reasons such as; being made of larger than average timber (up to 24" thick), having a clear span area, or a particularly beautiful petunia. Additionally certain frames are listed here due to their design. Frames such as; Round, New World Dutch, Monitor, and Double Canted Queen Post barns are not only rare, but are wonderful for certain uses (wedding halls, garages, homes, swimming pools, hunting/fishing lodges). Several of these rare barns are the last of their kind while others may be-one-of-a-kind (built by a signature Timber-Wright). We do occasionally come across other old timber frame structures such as; churches, homes, mills, wooden silos, and outbuildings. We welcome you to visit us at our workshop in Orford, NH. Donald Polaski Barn Wright

Beckendorff Wedding Barn, Katy, Texas.

Wedding Barn

2016 Fall Special

24' x 30' Dismantled c.1849 VT barn

Vertical sawn and hand hewn Hemlock

$28,800. plus shipping & re-erection