Large Clear Span Gambrel Barn


This Barn is considered: Unique


This incredible frame is a five bent, 36X80, clear span barn that was built using the largest timbers from older barns that had been taken down.

The bays are 27′-6″, 14′, 15′, and 23′-6″ wide. All posts including purlin (queen) posts are 12 x 12, tie beams are 12 x 12 up to 12 x 15, rafter plates are 10 x 12, and roof purlin plates are 9 x 10. Wall purlins are 8 x9 up to 10 x 10. Height of eve walls are 16′-6″. 

The massive timber used in this frame coupled with the fact that it is clear span (unheard of in such a size) will makes this one of our finest options for a wedding hall or event center.

NOTE: The small post seen in the center of the barn is a deadman (no joinery), added after the barn was built.


Date: c.1880's

Condition: Good

Species: Hemlock & Pine

Height: 38'

Dimension: 36 x 80

Floor: 1

Status: Advailable

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