Nice Ohio Barn for sale


This 40′-0″ x 84′-0″ barn make a good 40 x 64 one story barn. By eliminating the bad outer bay and having addition offer plenty of extra materials to re-use for second floor’s floor joists. Ideally this make a four bents, three bays barn.The outer bays are 19′-6″ & 20′-6″ while center bay is 24′-0″. There are three aisles, outside aisles are 10′-0″ and center aisle is 20′-0″. From floor to tie beams is 13′-6″ and another 2′-0″ to top of rafter plates. Posts are 10×10, tie beams are 10×12, and rafter plates are 9×10 on flat. Sawn rafters appears to be 2 1/2 x 5 that are half lapped jointed at peak held with peg. Roof is 7 over 12.


Date: c.1840-1860

Condition: Good

Species: Hewn Oak

Height: 26'+/-

Dimension: 40 x 84

Floor: 1

Status: Available

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