1880’s New England Barn for sale


This four bent, three bay, center aisle entrance barn is your typical “tied at the plate” New England barn frame. The bays are 12′-0″, 12′-6″, & 13′-0″ wide. Outer aisles are 11′-8″ wide while the center aisle is 12′-8″ wide. The height from floor to the top of tie beams is 15′-8″. The 8 x 8 vertical queen posts are roughly 12′-0″ apart and its upper connecting member is some 6′-0″ above the tie beams. All posts are made of 8 x 8 hand hewn hemlock while the hewn tie beams are 8 x 9. Roof system has principle rafters which support the roof purlins. There is a ridge beam spanning the entire length of barn. All eve walls 3′-0″ braces are made of 3×5 stock while the 3×5 braces in the bents are 3′-6″. All eve walls connecting member are 6×6 or larger, this is the same for the bents. There are no connecting members in the center aisle.


Date: c. 1870's

Condition: Good

Species: Hemlock

Height: 30' +/-

Dimension: 36'-0 X 37'-6

Floor: 1

Status: Advailable

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