1875 Tall Barn


This Barn is considered: Common

This five bents, four bays, center aisle gable entrance bank barn is made of mix hewn chestnut/pine/hemlock/oak timbers. All bays are 14′ wide, center aisle is 14′ wide while the two outer aisles are 10′ wide. The eve walls were some 22′ tall while the queen post were close to 30′ tall.

Barn resemble a high rise center aisle entrance barn like the northern VT barns. The post are 10 X 10 while the tie beams are 9×9. The upper vertical queen posts are 7×7. The sawn common rafters that sit on 7 x 7 roof purlin plates are 3-1/2″ x 4″ .



Date: 1875

Condition: Good

Species: Chestnut, Oak, Hemlock & Pine

Height: 30'

Dimension: 34 x 54

Floor: 1

Status: Available

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