Don's Thoughts

Having traveled this continent for countless miles over my career, many of our unique barns have vanished from its landscape. While there are only a handful of these truly unique barns remaining, like our True Round Barn, 6 Bent New World Dutch Barn, and Clear Span Barn. While all other commonly found barns are still “available” though they too are disappearing quickly. You now seldom see a 20+” beams, but when you do it is a sight to behold. Our company takes pride in finding and saving the last of these unique barns that are remaining, thus preserving our heritage.

While expanding our inventory, we inevitably come across both extremely rare and unique barns. These barns are marked here with the Gold Exclusive stamp.

Pre Civil War Stone and Timber barn

Availability: Coming Soon

Dimensions: 40 x 60 +/-

Species: Chestnut

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54 x 80 Large Gambrel

Availability: Sale Pending

Dimensions: 54 x 80

Species: Hewn Hemlock

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Quadruple Plated Barn, Raised Barn

Availability: Available

Dimensions: 70 x 60

Species: Hewn Hemlock and white pine

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Wide North American Barn For Sale

Availability: Available

Dimensions: 64' x 70'

Species: Hewn Pine

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Rare Center Isle Bank Barn

Availability: SOLD

Dimensions: 38' x 36'

Species: Eastern White, Hemlock & Oak

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60′ True Round Barn

Availability: Available

Dimensions: 60' diameter

Species: Oak, Beech

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Half Closed Fore Bay Barn with front Ells

Availability: ON HOLD TBD

Dimensions: 40' X 70'

Species: Eastern White Pine

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Stone & Timber Half Closed Forebay Barn

Availability: SOLD

Dimensions: 40' X 60'

Species: Hewn Oak

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Large Clear Span Gambrel Barn

Availability: Advailable

Dimensions: 36 x 80

Species: Hemlock & Pine

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