Midwest forebay barn


This four bent three bay barn is in great condition. The outer bays are 24ft and 8 in wide and center bay is 17ft wide. The front and rear aisles are roughly 12ft and center aisle is roughly 16ft. The height of rafter plates are some 15ft-2in from the floor. The tie beams in bent two and three are approx. 30in below the rafter plate, while the tie beams on gable walls are only 15in below the rafter plate. Nearly all of the timbers are 10 x 10. There are built in ladders in bent two and three. Roof pitch is 8/12.


Date: c.1865-1875

Condition: Great

Species: Hewn Popular and oak.

Height: 27ft 8in

Dimension: 40 x 67

Floor: 1

Status: Available

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